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From the creators of Punch Club 

comes the most inaccurate

medieval cemetery  management sim of 2018.

Coming to PC and Xbox One.


Key Features

Face ethical dilemmas.


Do you really want to spend money on that proper hotdog meat for the festival? 

You do have plenty of resources lying around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gather & Craft


Expand your Graveyard into a thriving business!


Go ahead and gather valuable resources scattered in the surrounding areas, and explore what this land has to offer.

Make business alliances.


These dead bodies don't need all that blood, do they? Why not sell it to someone who can put it to good use. Same for body parts. Hey, it's being efficient with recycling! 

Explore and experiment! 

No medieval game would be complete without dungeons. Take a trip into the unknown and find useful new ingredients which may or may not poison a whole bunch of nearby villagers. Or figure out more efficient ways to get rid of bodies. Graveyard Keeper is the most inaccurate medieval graveyard simulator of 2018!



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Coming to: PC & Xbox One in 2018

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